Madeleine Kusmitch

Madeleine Kusmitch

Support Specialist

Maddie is motivated by good customer service… and not just saying the average “thank you” — her goal is to exceed your expectations.  She loves to see people happy and walks into Concero every day ready to support and cheer on her team. The combination of a positive attitude, her previous experience in the finance industry and her independent nature, make her a valuable part of the company and her team.

Outside of the office, Maddie enjoys crime shows, being with her family, especially her niece; and taking part in professional and personal development activities.

Bet you didn’t know: One of a kind, she is the ONLY Madeleine Adelle Kusmitch on this planet. If you ever meet another Kusmitch, they are related to her family.

Brittney Robinson

Brittney Robinson

Support Specialist


We all know it takes dedication, skill and effort to be part of a a successful team. Those are all attributes that Brittney brings to Concero. These are also characteristics that she learned as a member of the women’s soccer team at Missouri State University, where she qualified for a 5-year D-1 scholarship. She earned her degree in marketing management and has brought fresh ideas and energy to an already highly dynamic culture.

As a member of the Concero team, she recommends being transparent and open because the more honest people are, the easier it is to find something that is the best fit for them.

Bet you didn’t know: A native to St. Louis, Imo’s is her favorite pizza and she has been to every location for “quality control purposes.”

we believe

“Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life and no one connects business with IT professionals better than the Concero team. I’m excited to walk into the office every day — the level of enthusiasm is contagious.”

  • Ben Kandlebinder
    Managing Partner
“Our greatest value to our clients is our ability to consistently find successful IT professionals. We don’t wait around for them to find us or for the phone to ring. We are proactively looking for them.”

  • Jay Murchison
    President and CEO

“We understand that without talented IT professionals our business is nothing, so we put the work into connecting with them professionally and personally.”

  • Patrick Ruzicka
    Chief Operations Officer

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