Discover jobs for maintenance experts, technicians and supervisors

You keep your eye on the goal

You bring so much more to work than your intelligence. You are practical. You know how to get things done. We help supervisors, managers and leaders ready to move up for greater responsibilities and higher rewards.

You take pride in the things you make

You are a craftsperson, at one with tools and machinery. From fabrication and assembly to manufacturing and production, your dedication to detail and pride of ownership make you stand out from the crowd.

We have openings for technicians, people with trade skills and maintenance staff as well as production line jobs.

“We may not be able to get out on the floor and do your job, but we have an understanding of the different types of skill sets that are required.”

Tim Newman

Client Relationship Executive

Ready for a change? For your next move — whether it’s a new challenge, the chance to do your best work, a bigger paycheck, a shorter commute — turn to the recruiters at Concero.


  • Connected: We’ve forged connections with business owners and HR professionals.
  • Partner: Your recruiter will understand your skills and the industrial job you want.
  • Tailored: When you tell us what is important to you, we listen.
  • Focused: We are committed to helping you find the right industrial position.
  • Considerate: You won’t get pushed to do an interview or take a job so that we can make our numbers.



We are here to help you. Looking for work is time-consuming. It’s tough to make the right connections to land a new (and better) industrial position. We do more than send you to interviews.

Your dedicated industrial recruiter will stand by you every step of your job-hunting journey, smoothing the path and even negotiating your deal.

We find people jobs in all sectors of the industrial sector.

Application and process engineers

Mechanical engineers

Industrial engineers

Automation and controls engineers

Electrical engineers

Systems integrators

We make the connections so you can put your skills to work. Get Concero. Get Connected.

Overall, we just try to be real. We don’t want to give you a job description that’s full of fluff. We don’t want to put you in a place that you’re going to end up being unhappy in, because that wouldn’t be good for you or for us and getting referrals. Our goal is to be more transparent than your average recruiter. 

And to be someone you can count on beyond just finding a job right now. 

“We have a great meeting place in our office, but I’m always willing to go and meet someone for coffee to make it easier on them. ”

Patrick Shuff

Client Relationship Executive

What’s a consulting position?

Consultants work on fixed-term contract assignments at our client’s offices. You are paid through Concero’s payroll system.

Contract lengths vary widely but it is not unusual for Concero contractors to be renewed or offered a full-time position.

What’s a contract-to-hire job?

This is like a consulting position, but it is agreed from the get-go that the client has the right to offer you a full-time role after a certain period. You are under no obligation to accept a permanent role if it is offered.

What is a direct-hire position?

A direct-hire position is a permanent job with Concero’s client.

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