We're very proactive. We don't just sit around and wait for somebody to respond to a posting. We don't wait for our phone to ring.

We tell our candidates — “make OUR network YOUR network.” This is true for our clients, too. It’s our job to collaborate and connect, to focus on meeting people and seeing how those relationships unfold and how we can help your team and your business. We pride ourselves on being professional networkers and connectors.

Concero recruiters are researching, connecting, calling, and, meeting people every day. In fact, they reach out to more than 500 people a week looking for the best. Before we send you any resumés, our recruiters handpick the best candidates from our database and the top applicants from any ads we’ve placed.

Our reputation depends on finding and sending you only the people we consider strong matches; then we send you their details. We’ll never put you in a position where you’ll have to spend your time weeding through stacks of resumes.

“We are no good to our clients if we don’t attract the best people. As a recruitment agency, we focus on the candidates. We want to meet them as frequently and early as possible. I don’t want to give away any secrets to how we find the best people, but face to face interactions are always a part of our recruiting process.”

Jay Murchison



The Concero Talent Database is more than a list of names and phone numbers. Candidates are thoroughly screened and qualified before they earn their place on our database.

Our screening process is deeper than other technical recruitment agencies because our focus is on finding the right candidate, not sending you the most candidates.

For starters, our candidates are handpicked by our recruiters and then go through phone and in-person interviews so we get a deep insight into their career history, skills, and the type of job and working environment that will allow them to thrive.

Our database typically contains more than 90,000 professionals who are open to a job change and are skilled in information technology and finance and accounting. 

Our account executives work hand-in-hand with our recruiters to make sure you are building the team your company deserves.

meet the Concero account executive team


In our business, being called “picky” isn’t a bad thing. Our client relationship team is filled with Type A personalities who have a critical eye. They sincerely want the best for our clients.

Do you take your car to the appliance store when you need an oil change? Is your accounting department responsible for coding the company website? Could you teach college algebra? Yeah, neither could we. But what we are good at is recognizing and matching needs and talent. We are a seasoned team of smart, hard-working people that you can depend on. We listen, then deliver.


We don’t have to tell you how time consuming it is to filter through resumes. Outsourcing this laborious task is one of the smartest things you can do.


The feedback from our clients is that they appreciate how closely we pay attention to their requests, as we are evaluating candidates.


It’s nice to build rapport with someone. We know you don’t do business with a company; you work with people. And we want to get to know you.


We’ve been in this business for a long time. There’s a lot of layers to people, and our experience gives us an advantage when interacting with them.

Get Concero. Get Connected.

We never overload you with a bunch of resumes. Our big advantage is sitting down with and getting to know people. When we reach out to you, the candidate has already been screened by our recruiters and by our execs, so it is a real team approach. This means candidates are reviewed two or three times. Only the best of the best get through, and that saves you a lot of time.

What are you waiting for?

“We’ve worked with Concero for a number of years to help us achieve our strategic goals. Their vetting process reduces the time-impact on my leaders and continues to provide us with high-caliber talent that are still with my organization today.”

VP of Global IT Operations, Insurance

WHY WAIT? Make our network your network.

We stand by our recruiting process and our philosophy of adding value to both our consultants and our clients. We aren’t looking for “one-hit wonders.” We want to understand both how you do business and what you need from your team, both in skills and personality.