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A Special Message from the Concero Leadership Team

As a company that is centered around networking and meeting people, we have had to adapt — and quickly at that — to our changing circumstances due to the Coronavirus. This is hard for everyone, as we all have been impacted in some way by what’s happening. First off, all of us at Concero hope that you stay safe and healthy. Secondly, we still want to hear your story and how we can help.
Our entire team is working remotely and taking advantage of all the ways that technology allows us to connect with people virtually, from coffees over a Zoom conference call, to Skype, to LinkedIn messages. We know that as a company and a country (really throughout the world), we’ll get through this and learn some things, too. We are an optimistic crew and now is actually a good time to create a new connection with us, we’ll make it easy
Click here and tell us what’s going on with you, so we can be there for you now and as things get better in the future.
Sincerely, Jay Murchison, Pat Ruzicka and Ben Kandlbinder

St. Louis-based Recruiters Who Care About What You Want

Concero is a recruitment firm that connects you with our deep network of employers looking for your talent and skills. We use our connections, insight and tenacity to help you get the job you want and get ahead in life.
Concero /con-cer-o/ Verb [Latin] means to join or link together. We chose this name for a reason. Because connection drives everything, and there’s no such thing as a “bad connection.”
But it’s more than shaking hands and working the room or cold messaging on LinkedIn. At Concero, we want to take a deeper dive into meeting people, being curious and saying “I’m listening to you. I hear you.” We want to add value to every person we meet.    
The job marketplace can be confusing and stressful. Broken promises. Wasted time. At Concero, we invest in getting to know you with meaningful conversations, listening to your goals and needs and meeting you where and when it’s convenient for you.
We recognize that making a career change is a big deal. It’s not just a transaction. We want to be the people you turn to because you know we’re focused on the success of your career, too.   

We help talented professionals like you find the job you want in:


Get connected to hiring managers at many of St. Louis’ most interesting and diverse companies.
This includes large corporations, tech startups, and privately owned businesses in a wide range of IT jobs, from infrastructure to front end development to DevOPs and security.

Finance & Accounting

Get connected to finance and accounting careers that drive business and profitability.
We help financial experts get jobs as accountants, auditors, analysts, controllers, credit managers and much more.


Get connected to jobs that power industry, including management, sales & support, tradespersons, maintenance experts, technicians and anyone who runs the machines of industry and manufacturing. We help supervisors, technicians and craftpersons ready to move up for greater responsibilities and higher rewards.


Get connected to engineering jobs where you can optimize processes, solve problems and design solutions. From an EIT to a PE, we’re looking for engineers in electrical, controls, civil, mechanical and industrial.

Stop stagnating. Connect to the career you want. 

We want what is best for you right now and in the future. You may not be ready to make a change, but that’s ok. Join our network today so that throughout your career, you’ll know you have someone at Concero to reach out to when you are ready. 
If you are bored or unhappy in your current job and you’re ready for a change right now, don’t worry. Take the next step now and search our jobs. Rest assured, you have an advocate to promote your skills and potential to prospective employers. 

make our network your network

no matter what you do everyday, Culture is King

Winner of the 2019 St. Louis’ Best Places To Work Award

We like where we work. You deserve the same.

Most people leave their jobs because of a culture problem: a toxic workplace, unfulfilling work or no opportunities. At Concero, we have a culture that is fun, competitive and full of camaraderie — this translates into us working harder for our consultants and our clients.

We’re proud to have won the 2019 St. Louis’ Best Places To Work award in the small business category. We have worked hard to develop a great culture in our company, so our recruiters recognize how to find the right culture to fit you too.

From our awesome interviewing spaces in our office (there’s nothing like it in St. Louis) to our commitment to getting to know you as a person, we are recruiters who care about what you want.

Here’s a little reassurance from our employees

After connecting with Concero, they made it a point to get to know me, my desires for employment, and to place me with a company where I could prosper. Concero was a true advocate for me in the interviewing process, and my recruiter was able to speak to my abilities and interests.


Business Analyst

Concero was able to get my foot in the door at a company that I wouldn’t have had a chance with otherwise. They helped with any interview nerves that I had and gave me guidance on what I should discuss. I didn’t wait long for feedback from the company, either. Concero had the salary information early in the process, so I knew upfront it would be the right position for me.


Technical Support Engineer

It was a pleasure working with Concero. Everyone was helpful throughout the job searching process I sincerely appreciate all the professional support and dedication. My recruiter was very detailed and responsive, and I truly appreciated all that she did for me. I would definitely recommend Concero for employment assistance.


Senior Full Stack Developer

Concero’s attention to detail and vast knowledge of the company I was interviewing for helped me land a great job. Concero would routinely reach out to me to ensure I was engaged with the process, while establishing a working professional relationship. I recommend anyone looking for work in the IT sector to consider Concero, I promise you will not be disappointed with the results.


DevOps Network Engineer

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“We’ve worked with Concero for a number of years to help us achieve our strategic goals. Their vetting process reduces the time-impact on my leaders and continues to provide us with high-caliber talent that are still with my organization today.”
— Mike, VP of Global IT Operations, Insurance

“Concero Technology Group has the personal touch working with IT professionals and matching them to the right opportunities in a timely and efficient manner.”
— Don, IT General Manager, Manufacturing Industry

“Working with Concero, I have found them to be aggressive, skilled motivators, who leave no stone unturned to find the perfect candidate.”
— Mitch, Program Manager, Software Development Industry

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