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We are recruiters who help talented professionals like you advance your careers, so you can be more fulfilled in your work life — even if you are frustrated with the job search process or not sure what is next. 

We do this by using our network of connections, being transparent and getting to know you as a person. 

Our recruiting process can help you find the culture and salary you are seeking. This means you’ll have more opportunities to use your skills and talents in an environment that is right for you. 

You can avoid stagnating in a job that you have outgrown and won’t spend hours applying to jobs online only to never hear back from anyone.  

If you are frustrated and want something more fulfilling, we invite you to talk with a Concero recruiter. 

One conversation, one connection, could change your life… get connected today.

“We want to add value to every person we meet. We listen with the goal of having meaningful conversations and connections. We’re thinking ‘what is best for this person right now?’ We realize that a career change is a big deal, not just a transaction. ”

Blair Turley

Recruiting Team Manager


  • We understand that sometimes job hunting is urgent, and we want to make sure we find the right job for you. Tell us what you think is important. Perhaps you want to grow your experience, an easier commute, or even a work environment that has a relaxed dress code.
  • Any information we give you about a position will be accurate.
  • Our close relationships with hiring managers means we have access to information, such as salary, that you’d never see in a job description.
  • We promise: we won’t spam you with lots of jobs that won’t interest you or fit your career goals.



We want to meet you and get to know you. To make that happen, we’ll leave our office and meet you somewhere convenient.


Your Goals

We find out what you want from your next job and we look for positions that meet your career criteria.

Job Matching

Our recruiters work closely with our client relationship executives to make sure we put you forward for positions that are a good fit for your experience, career goals, and personality.



We’ll provide you accurate job information and keep you informed throughout the placement process. We will share any interviewer feedback we receive.

Collaboration is key so you will hear from us often. At Concero, we don’t disappear! We want help you throughout your career as you go to the next level.

Get Concero. Get Connected. 

Meet the team

“Helping people find their next opportunity is incredibly rewarding.”


TJ Eggleston

TJ Eggleston
Senior Professional Recruiter
“It never hurts to network with people. You never know if a short conversation with a recruiter can help you professionally or in your personal life.”


Aaron Schwander

Aaron Schwander
Strategic Account Recruiter
“I listen and enjoy getting to know candidates. I usually get to know a lot about what makes them happy at work as well as outside of work.”


Michelle Restovich

Michelle Restovich
Senior Professional Recruiter
“I love my job because I help IT professionals start or advance their careers.”


Jared Greenlee

Jared Greenlee
Senior Professional Recruiter

“Never pass up the opportunity to take an interview; you never know where it could take you!”


Blair Turley

Blair Turley
Recruiting Team Manager

“I was contacted by Concero about a Cloud Architect role. Throughout the whole process, Michelle from Concero has been coaching me on relevant positioning of my background, the company’s culture, role requirements and ensuring that it’s a great fit for me. The interviews were a great conversation and resulted in an offer that I accepted, because Michelle ensured that I was interviewing for the best role! Keep up the awesome job!”


Cloud Application Architect


Get connected to hiring managers at many of St. Louis’ most interesting and diverse companies.
This includes large corporations, tech startups, and privately owned businesses in a wide range of IT jobs, from infrastructure to front end development to DevOPs and security.

Finance &

Get connected to finance and accounting careers that drive business and profitability.
We help financial experts get jobs as accountants, auditors, analysts, controllers, credit managers and much more.

Customer Service &

We have support and administration positions  available in a broad range of industries. You can be a vital part of a company’s success in a position that offers flexibility and the possibility for growth.

What’s a consulting position?

Consultants work on fixed-term contract assignments at our client’s offices. You are paid through Concero’s payroll system.

Contract lengths vary widely but it is not unusual for Concero contractors to be renewed or offered a full-time position.

What’s a contract-to-hire job?

This is like a consulting position, but it is agreed from the get-go that the client has the right to offer you a full-time role after a certain period. You are under no obligation to accept a permanent role if it is offered.

What is a direct-hire position?

A direct-hire position is a permanent job with Concero’s client.

WHY WAIT? Make our network your network.

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